RFP: Georgia Criminal Justice Funder Table Coordinator/Strategic Planning Consultant

Georgia Criminal Justice Funder Table Coordinator/Strategic Planning Consultant

RFP Summary:

GSP is seeking an experienced consultant to work with identified funders to organize and support the development of a Criminal Justice Funders table that will drive investments to black, brown, and indigenous led organizations working on justice reform throughout the state of Georgia.

About Grantmakers for Southern Progress:

Grantmakers for Southern Progress (GSP) is a membership-based network of philanthropic leaders, practitioners, and individuals dedicated to leveraging resources for structural change in the South. Our mission is to transform philanthropic giving and practice in the South that prioritizes equity-focused structural change. As philanthropic giving and practices this will facilitate the strengthening of the organizational infrastructure and the building power within Southern communities to significantly increase racial, gender, and economic outcomes for people across the South.

We envision a growing network of philanthropic organizations and actors who fund across a spectrum of tools and strategies who have the explicit intention to increase investments in organizations that are led by people of color that are seeking to build political power, economic opportunity, and social inclusion. GSP is a network that works towards philanthropy being in accountable relationship with directly affected communities. Therefore, we encourage and support our members to listen to and work with social movements and organizations working for racial, economic and gender justice.

About the Criminal Justice Funders Table:

In 2021, a small group of national and local funders convened to discuss the opportunity to increase the number of committed funders that are resourcing criminal justice and/or restorative justice work in the state of Georgia. We understood that we would have to provide learning and engagement opportunities for both local and national funders to support their ability to remove barriers from their grantmaking to support black, brown, and indigenous led organizations moving this work in Georgia. Part of the strategy is to connect them with funders who are deeply investing in criminal justice to talk about their funding goals and/or policy investments to help others see what progress towards change looks like and to depoliticize justice work. It is also equally important to help them build community with the practitioners. It will ground those engaged in the table to the interconnectedness of the systemic issues surrounding the criminal justice system and create space for funders to work alongside practitioners to vision and drive change for the state.

The goal is to create a table that offers a:

  • Safe and brave space to talk about the real issues
  • Space to deal with the narrative challenges.
  • Place to help funders see the power of their influence and
  • Space to provide funder education that’s not extractive.
  • Opportunity to build a fund or organize funders to significantly increase investments toblack, brown, and indigenous organizations leading this work in the state.

To date we’ve had several meetings with the coordinating team and one at-large meeting. The coordinating team includes:

  • United Way of Greater Atlanta
  • The Public Welfare Foundation
  • The Kendeda Fund (Scheduled to sunset 2023)
  • Grantmakers for Southern Progress

Fund Coordinator/Strategic Planning Consultant Job Description:

GSP is seeking a Fund Coordinator/Strategic Planning Consultant to lead a strategic planning process and coordinate the Fund’s work over the next year. The responsibilities of the Fund Coordinator/Strategic Planning Consultant include but are not limited to the following:

Strategic Planning

  • Proven ability to lead the development of a clear and actionable strategic plan to shape the Fund’s work in partnership with the funders that will be a part of the table. The strategic plan will provide a roadmap for the Fund’s key priorities: strategic grantmaking, governance, ecosystem mapping, donor learning & outreach, and community engagement.
  • Foster a working culture among the funders that is participatory, engaging, and action oriented.
  • Develop a values-aligned set of systems and processes to support the table’s work that are grounded in equity and racial justice, centers community, and is transparent with its goals and objectives.

Coordination and Facilitation

  • Facilitate and schedule meetings and strategic planning sessions.
  • Convene virtual and in-person meetings for the funders table.
  • Support development of and circulate meeting agendas.
  • Document the table’s work (note taking, recordings).
  • Initiate correspondence and communication with table members and community partners.
  • Support recruitment and outreach to prospective members.
  • Lead creation of reports, findings, fund materials for current and prospectivemembers, as needed.
  • Support the development of grant proposals and reports, if needed.


Fund Coordinator & Strategic Planning Consultant Key Qualifications:

  • Deep knowledge of Georgia and the criminal legal system (including direct experience) with an understanding of Georgia’s advocacy and organizing ecosystem. Individuals impacted by the criminal legal system are encouraged to apply.
  • An understanding of structural racism and systems of oppression.
  • At least 5 years of project management and strategy development with provenexperience developing strategic plans.
  • Exceptional facilitation and communication skills (public speaking and writing), with theability to align divergent opinions and establish common ground.
  • Ability to work collaboratively and build/maintain strong partnerships.
  • Competency to support the development/writing of grant proposals, budgets, andreporting.
  • Competency in Microsoft Word, Outlook, OneDrive, Google Docs, and other projectmanagement tools.

Consultant Position Details:

  • Part-Time Consultant (20-30 hours per week)
  • 6-12 months
  • Negotiable Pay
  • Consultant should be based in Georgia
  • Application Closes September 30, 2022
  • Hiring Timeline October/early NovemberThis position is remote and flexible office space will be available at GSP offices located in East Point GA. Consultant will be expected to meet in-person to convene with the funders table and community partners. GSP COVID-19 policies and precautions must be followed for all in-person gatherings.

RFP Submission Requirements

Please submit the following required documents by October 14, 2022, to info@g4sp.org. The subject line should read: GA Criminal Justice RFP – Your Firms Name

  • Narrative to include background on firm and understanding of the state’s criminal justice system and previous work experience related to request.
  • Resume
  • Consultancy fee based on experience and proposed deliverables.

If you have questions, please direct them to Eboni Brown at the address above and we will respond via email to all questions.