About the Meeting

We’ve made the case for equitable grantmaking for years. Now is the moment when we push forward, put our ideas into practice, and make progress.

GSP’s 2023 Biennial Convening: The Forward Moment will take place August 30 – September 1, 2023 in Orlando, Florida. Our programming centers on four key focus areas: Climate, LGBTQ+, Immigrant, and Criminal Justice. Our goal is to offer a space for our network to better understand the South, its tradition of resistance, and to move resources into the communities that need them most. We will also host our annual membership meeting and a Learning Tour of local partners working to build power in the greater Orlando area.

What You Can Expect

The Forward Moment offers an array of sessions aimed at educating participants about the cultural, geographic, and political context of the South while grounding our learnings in Florida, where the Convening is located. These sessions include:

  • Opening & Closing sessions focused on level-setting our learnings, expectations, and experiences together throughout the Convening
  • GSP’s Annual Membership Meeting, a members-only session where participants receive updates on GSP news, vote on issues, and identify new members of our Steering Committee
  • Community Awards, where we will recognize leaders within philanthropy and their continued fight for structural change and equity in the South
  • Breakout Sessions featuring movement leaders, funders, and practitioners around pressing, intersectional topics related to the Convening’s key themes of Climate, LGBTQ+, Immigrant, and Criminal Justice
  • Skills Labs designed to help funders to develop tools and strategies they can employ in their organizations, including Southern grantmaking strategies, resources for relationship building with movement orgs, and more
  • Action Labs offering space for participants to expound on what they have learned during sessions, network, and co-create strategies with other participants
  • Learning Tours providing participants with the opportunity to stand alongside community members and learn from their experiences, ongoing movement efforts, and understanding the context of where we are gathering.

Learning Tours

We will host learning tours throughout the convening so that participants can learn more about work happening in central Florida. Check out our previous Mississippi Learning Tour below.

GSP is pleased to partner with Back Bay Mission, Cosmic Poetry Sanctuary, Immigrant Alliance for Justice and Equity, Jackson People’s Assembly, Julian, Mississippi Poor People’s Campaign, Mississippi Rising, Nollie Jenkins Family Center, OneVoice Mississippi, Operation Good, Sipp Culture, Southern Echo, and Steps Coalition to present this virtual Learning Tour.


More information coming soon! Sponsorships include complimentary registrations according to level.


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Reach out to Eboni Brown, Operations Manager: ebrown [at] g4sp.org

About GSP

Founded in 2010, Grantmakers for Southern Progress (GSP) is a network of funders who are committed to fostering thriving communities in the Southern United States, by advancing structural and cultural change that result in equitable outcomes. GSP’s overall goal is to help achieve significant and sustained progress in the economic, social, and political outcomes of those who are least well off economically, politically, and socially in the South.