Philanthropy Open Letter for Humanity and Justice

Along with several of our partners and members, Grantmakers for Southern Progress is joining Funders for a Ceasefire Now in calling for an immediate ceasefire and an end to the ongoing genocide in Palestine.

As Southerners, we have seen racism and fascism proliferate the region as our governments extract resources from communities to fund harmful systems and infrastructure, which in turn injures our most vulnerable neighbors. We must be steadfast in understanding the nuances of white supremacy, particularly as Islamophobia, antisemitism, and xenophobia continue to shape the political landscape of the South.

We believe Southerners, and all people, have a right to dignity, equity, and the resources we need to thrive and live whole lives. We are committed to supporting communities in our collective fight against all forms of hatred enabled by white supremacy in the Southern United States, the global South, and beyond.

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